Hey there.

I’m Aby, a northern graphic designer with an eye for all things digital. In my short time in the creative industry, I have worked with brands such as Cosmopolitan, Tatler, @OneMinuteBriefs and WWF. Covering everything from illustration to digital publishing. My current full time role is working as a digital producer - this position has allowed me to work on ipad layouts, email templates, content management using sytems like Typo, Google Ad Manager, Mailchimp and even editing animation or video content for in house projects using Adobe After Effects/ Premiere Pro.

Lights, Camera, Action!

When I’m not behind my mac screen you’ll find me travelling or training for my next obstacle course. I've spent some time blogging, vlogging and creating content to build on my portfolio of skills. To sum up, I’m a trained barista who loves the great outdoors and can’t resist a creative challenge (mental or physical).